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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Problem about Love

Love is a problem itself. I know some of you are happily living with your love ones or currently having a meaningful relationship. But others are not. (Clears throat) See, there’s no perfect relationship. You may be in good terms right now but along the way you may encounter trials. Problems exist; as love exists. These may be small or worst, big. So, be careful handling it.

I know some of you are in great deal of heartache or pain right now. Honestly, I have been there too. And I am not going to tell you how painful it is ‘cause I know you know it too well.

Funny, I realized how bitter I was. And I imagined how crazy and psycho I was before. Haha! Good thing my head didn’t gave up.

Before, I have hard time of waking up and rolling out of bed in the morning. I turned off or skipped songs on my music player because every song is painful and reminds me of her. I can’t even bear to eat to the same restaurants I took her to. Sometimes, I binge eating for comfort. I even constantly check my email or mobile phone to see if she has sent me a message, think constantly why she really left, and felt massively depressed. Back then, everything in me had fallen apart. But, I am OK now.

If love failed, please know that this is not our fault. We weren’t thought this in school, right? We weren’t taught by our parents…and there is no “love fails” or “how to cope when love failed?” lessons in any classes.

The real problem about love is that it can never be learn even by the most intelligent men in the planet. This can not be learn by reading books, watching movies, listening to music, sitting in on a lecture or by reading blog entries like this. Love... Love is ONLY learn by heart.

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posted by arnie at 4:53 PM


haha,drama pare!lol.anyways its true.The good thing about love failures is that,you learned.Who knows,maybe there is something about that girl that dont fits you.God has plan although most times in painful way.Been there and thank God it happened coz i found out that person i wasted my time and tears is a complete jerk.drunkard,gambler(manok,cards,name it) at babaero.Funny,everytime i recall,i feel stupid.Why did i cry?Why did i beg?(shame).God had a good plan for me.He guided me to this good man i deserve and love me to the fullest.Of course i love him too.How can i get over that S..... guy if im not...hahay drama din ako.sorry for ur heartaches,it'll get better....peace!

7:34 PM  

ang love talaga oh. masarap at masakit. nakarelate ako sa post na to. hahaha. ikaw ay parang ako nun din. pero alam mo makapag move on ka rin. just try to let go things kung hindi talaga para sau. may next time pa naman. sana makita mo na ang para sau na mamahalin ka sobra sa pagmamahal mo.

Tama ka. kahit mga magagaling na tao pag tamaan ng pag ibig naging bobo. Basta huwag lang mag isip na mag suicide.

goodluck sa pag-ibig the second time around.

9:20 PM  

I hate a man who is a mamas boy who does not know how to fight for his love

10:38 PM  

binge eating.. awws, tinamaan naman ako dun. usually ganun naman talaga, we always find an outlet.. hihihi..

2:09 AM  

For me, LOVE is learnt by the brain and felt by the heart; unfortunately, more often the heart rules out the brain... That's my dictum.

nurse ka rin pala... and thanks for visiting my site.

4:44 AM  

Haaay. Ang hirap talaga kapag nasasaktan ng dahil sa lablab na yan ano? Mas masakit pa yan kesa madukutan ng selpown. HAHA. ;)

tama lahat ng sinabi mo kuya

4:47 AM  

i think you should also be wise in falling in love.. tama ung nasa taas.. lets include our brain.. and remember, feelings are deceitful.. indi stable, kaya needed talaga ang brain.. and its also sad kung ang motto nyo eh "Love will keep us alive" AWTS!!

5:28 AM  

"The real problem about love is that it can never be learn even by the most intelligent men in the planet. T..."

There is no problem in LOVE only the person's concept of love.

I been to there and experienced that.

Mind and Heart must be united and integrated in the process of Loving someone. It takes to be rational and sentimental when one is to love.

Pain that brought by Loving is only a part of it - a test, I may say.

But I am no doctor love to say all these things. just learnt these things and it is enriching.

but for me, anything you experience in life needs to be rationalize.

"Life is a matter of perspective", also true in Love. :)

6:24 AM  

it's a good thing you are 'OK' now.
where can I reach you, besides here, anyway?

8:13 AM  

@ nice,
mejo drama mode nga ito. haha! yup, marami talagang natututunan sa mga pagkakamali.:) Yup, hayaan na lang natin ang plan Niya.
hehe..may kakatuwa ka rin palang experience noon. I am happy for you...natagpuan mo ang real happiness at true love.:D
...better na ako, actually.:D i am good.:D

@ redlan,
hmm..nakakarelate ka pala? share naman..hehe! nakapag-move on na ko.:) tama ka. salamat sa payo mo.
wala naman sa pag-iisip ko ang magpakamatay. hehe! thanks!

@ ate belen,
wow! bakit kaya may galit ka sa mga mamas boy??? i fought...pero, hindi mo talaga pedeng ipilit ang hindi para sa iyo.

@ daniel,
hehe...pero, alam mo kahit ganon..hindi pa rin ako tumataba. hehe!

@ kris,
yup, you're right...it is felt by the heart.
yup, kabaro kita...nurse din ako.:D

@ noime,
oo, mahirap lalo na sa una. buti nalang hindi ako nadukutan ng selpown...nalaglagan lang. haha!

@ caleb,
tama ka...dapat talagang magging wise. kelangan talaga ang brain sa pag-ibig. mejo lamang lang talaga ang puso. (tingin ko) kaya dapat i-balance.

@ aethen,
ganon pala. haha! how can i say love is a problem...if love is the answer to all the problem. (nga pala) hehe! siguro, what i mean is...hindi talaga maiiwasan na magkaproblem sa isang relationship.
yup, tama ka...dapat balanse ang puso at utak.
thanks for sharing your perspective.:) i respect your opinion.:)

@ cathleen,
yup. mejo matagal na rin...hehe!
tinatamad ako bumili ng simcard e.
may smart ako, pero...di ko ginagamit. tamad talaga.:O

8:24 PM  

as a common saying goes.."it is better to have love and failed than not to love at all."

part of life.cheer up!;)

11:55 PM  

awww bitter... Wala tau magagawa ganyan tlga Buhay... I know it... It Sucks

7:04 AM  

@ nyl,
correct ka dyan! may tama ka.

@ nard,
oo nga...ganito talaga buhay, parang life.:D hehe..
napadpad ka pala dito, nad.:D

8:05 AM  

that's very true... but then some of us never learned our lessons... haayy... parang ako... hahaha... ayan tuloy.. broken hearted na naman.

7:49 PM  

oo nga e. yung iba nagpapakamartir pa rin. wala ganon talaga pag tinaman ni cupid. mabuhay ang mga single! hehe...

6:57 PM  

pano ba mag.Let go??
hbang 2matagaL
lalong 2mitindi ung sAkit eh!!!

12:46 AM  

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