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Monday, July 07, 2008

Good Job

After my tiring duty, I hurriedly went on an ATM and cashed out some savings. Being exhausted, I decided to treat my self for an indulging lunch. And when I got my orders, I swiftly remembered that I was supposed to watched “Hancock” in theatre with Jec and Hazel. And so, I called Hazel who I left in the hospital and was looking for me…and Jec who’s at home getting ready to go out. Then, I told them where I was and to come over.

We met and headed to the theatre. Many had come to see the film too. We’re glad that we still found seats. We were just on time when trailers of upcoming movies were being advertised. And what made me excited were these new “Batman” and “007” movie trailers.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

The starting scenes of the movie were very entertaining. Seeing a drunk, dirty, miserable and ‘a not so hero’, superhero is unpredictably witty. He is homeless, awful and dejected. He saves lives but causes more property damages. As in, million dollar damages and the public have enough of it. In short, he’s an A-hole. Yes, Hancock is an A-hole. And he hates it when people called him that way. So, better be careful because he competes even with children. Trust me; you would not want to be thrown up in the sky by this heroic idiot.

But when he saved and met this PR spokesperson Ray, he was pushed to change. Ray turned Hancock to an ideal superhero. Hancock changed his bad image to a good one by sending his self into prison, wearing a-more-like superhero suit and by praising LA cops with his catchy line “Good job.”

The entertaining scenes of the movie turned dramatic when Hancock met Mary. (It’s the part where I unconsciously had a short nap.) It was a startling twist that divulged facts about Hancock’s past. I personally think that the movie lost its momentum to that part.

The movie was too fast. First, he was an A-hole, and then he’s an Idol. That’s it. I was expecting more twists other than the not surprising dramatic part. But still, I praised its good visual effects and its success in mixing action and comedy. Fair enough.

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posted by arnie at 8:31 PM


Ngek... hindi ako nanunuod ng movie na ngayon kaya di ko alam ang ico-comment ko. next time

2:48 AM  

yung prof kong kano, si sir chaz, napanood na din yan, di daw sya ganong na impress. ill try to catch the film after prelim exams, then titingnan ko kung agree ba ko sa inyo. hehe.. maganda yan.. give urself some time :D

3:21 AM  


buti kpa nakapag unwind na... hehehe! plan ko rin manuod nang movie pero di english (hirap akong intindihin ang inglish e...lolz).

anyways, how you like the song? ung Ill take care of you? ope u like it... ganda kc nang meaning e!


4:24 AM  

very good review arnie!matagal narin akong di nakanood ng movie..ang mahal na kasi..isipin kolang ikain ko nalang pangsine ko busog pa ako..hehe!

7:50 PM  

ang haba ng pila sa Hancock nung opening day. OA. Haha. Pero never wanted to see this. :)

12:51 AM  

im supposed to watch it later... sinabi mo na ang story.. haha... wait na lng ako sa DVD nito.

thanks. you've helped me save some monies... lol.

5:45 AM  

natawa ako din sa A-hole. Wala bang B-hole. almost the same pala. thanks sa pagshare ng movie review mo.

5:48 AM  

natuwa ako sa blogsite mo kaaliw... napadaan lang... heheh!

7:06 AM  

penge pera manood din ako sine. wala na ko pera. lol kapal hahahahha.

2:44 PM  

wow, sine! haha. libre! XD

5:26 AM  

i've added you pala colleague. hope ok lang.

11:30 AM  

to all:
sorry, i've been very busy lately...

@ ate belen,
ok lang yun. salamat pa rin at nakapagcomment ka.:D

@ daniel,
oo nga..di ko talaga gaano nagustuhan yung film...good luck sa exam! at enjoy sa pagnood nito.;)

@ veradik,
mag-unwind ka na rin kasi..marami namang ibang paraan.;)
yup, ang ganda talaga ng song...pati lyrics.:D lagi ko pinapakinggan na rin.

@ nyl,
salamat... minsan na rin naman ako manood e..pag may maganda talaga.:D kaya aabangan ko si batman at 007. hehe... mahilig din ako magpakabusog.:D lalo na pag andaming stressor...hmm..sarap kumain.

@ yoshke,
oo nga..dami tao noon nanood kami...buti di mo pinanood. hehe!

@ kris jasper,
sorry kung kinewento ko na..at least nga nakapagtipid ka..di pa nasayang time mo. hehe!
add na rin kita.;)

@ redlan,
haha! wag kang maingay jan..baka marinig ka ni hancock. haha!
you're welcome.

@ talambuhay,
salamat..sana bumalik ka.;)

@ tentay,
punta ka dito..abot ko sa iyo ang pera. haha!

@ cathleen,
ganon...kelan ba? bigay ka date... hehe!

9:56 PM  

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