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Saturday, December 16, 2006

first time...NG!

***for those who didn't know; NG means "Not Good."
Dec 15, 2006
I was reading her blog…then, suddenly my mind was telling me, “hey! Why don’t you start your own blog?”
I believe this is the best time for me to start my own blog.
Why? Because…
Now, I have internet access!--not mine actually. Of course, everyone should have it. (I used to connect to the internet before through dial up. Unfortunately, ahhhh!—long story)
Before, I need to ride a tricycle and a jeepney just to go to the nearest computer shop. Take note: NEAREST computer shop. Happily, now, there is a computer shop near our home…just few toddle and I’m there.
Second, my hectic schedule just calmed down.
Before, I was running 24/7. Classes and duties (practicum), duties and classes, classes and duties, duties and classes and so on…It’s a good thing that there was changes on our schedule. It is now a little easier than before.
…know what?
I’ve been longing to have these blog for so long. What makes me have it? She did. She motivates me.
I have lots of stories from the past I wish to tell you. But as of now, let me tell you the noteworthy things that happened yesterday.
December 15, Friday, I was late for the orientation program for the Review Center which we will be having before we took the Local Nursing board Exam. Supposedly, the program should last from 8 am to 5 pm. But we were dismissed earlier.
I thought I could go home early, but, I was called for a meeting for the preparation of the seminar which we will be conducting this coming January.
Luckily, the meeting didn’t last too long. It was about 1pm when it ended—still too early for me to go home. And so, I decided to go and visit her. But, before that, I took my lunch on a fast food, Chowk*ng, with a friend.
3 pm in Elbi-- I was too early to fetch her in her school, and so, I stayed few hours in V*ga Centre. There, I saw an old friend and had a chat.
4:30 pm—I waited for her in her school. I waited long and still she hasn’t come out yet. There were these test paper checking and cleaning things which were keeping her too long inside. It was until I saw her classmate and told me that she was out already and went on Kat’s (her friend) house. (She didn’t know I was coming.)
Plan B, I waited near Kat’s crib. And after few minutes of waiting, the much awaited lady came out…at last. My dullness caused by waiting was relieved as the pretty lady gave a sweet smile to me. She went out for a dinner. And so, I joined her for a walk. Then, we ate…talked… and smiled at each other.
After that, we cheerfully walked back near her school to meet her other classmates. There, they gathered for a Christmas Caroling. I joined them…got a copy of the songs they’ll be singing. And presto, first house, “one, two and three…” Everybody: “Whenever I see girls and boys, selling lanterns on the street…” and we got Php100 and relief goods for the first house.
I held her soft and smooth hand as we go from house to another house. (And I am longing to hug her tight as the cold wind of the night blew us.) Even though it was tiring to walk and sing and walk and sing…it was worthy.
***Exactly one year ago, we exchanged pictures to each other. It was, for me, our first date. And now, another “first” happened.
It was almost 10pm when we decided to go home. We collected Php500+ as total. Everyone was happy.
Going home (while on a jeepney) — I watched her stunning beauty as I was besides her holding her hand. ***“Hawak Kamay” playing*** I felt a ceaseless joy inside as her head slowly lay down my shoulder, near my chest, as she fell asleep.
It was hard for me to say goodbye and to tell her I need to go home. But, I have to. Even though I knew I am going to miss her again.
(Today, there is no way I am going to see her. She’s out of town; Christmas shopping with her mom and sister. And I will be having my duty; a 10pm-6am shift in the Delivery and Operating Room at JP Hospital. )
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