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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Result of the June 2007 Board Exam for Nurses, Finally!

Text messages:

Bien: 22552 Parlero, Arnie Victoria, congrats!

Arn: What do you mean?

Bien: Pasado ka sa board exam! Congrats!

Arn: Di nga? Wag kang magbibiro ng ganyan. Kinakabahan ako. Pano mo nalaman?

Bien: Nasa harap ako ng internet ngayon.

Arn: Anong site?

Another text message received.

Pat: Waah! Magcelebrate tayo..lahat tayo!

Arn: Bakit?

Pat: Pasado!! Oh my God!! Lahat tio! Tiong apat!

Text messages and calls continued. I was shaking. The so called website is too hard to access. Maybe, there were lots of visitors. So, it is then true; the result of the board exam for nurses this June 2007 was finally released.

When, I finally got into the site. I quickly pressed “Ctrl + F” of my keyboard. Then, I tremblingly typed “P-A-R-L”. I was stunned. I stopped typing my last name ‘cause it was already read—22552 Parlero, Arnie Victoria.

Yahoo! I made it!

I passed the local board exam for nurses! Wee! Soon my name will have “RN”, Registered Nurse, on its end.

I felt like I wanna hug everybody. Sigh. If only she was there beside me… I jumped for joy. I am very very very very very very happy.:D

But, I felt sad too. I scanned the result. I was downhearted every time I didn’t find names of the classmates I typed. But still, I am happy for the others who made it too…specially, for my three close friends in school who took the exam too—Pat, Haze and Jec. They are my group study mates. I am so glad we all made it. Our overnight sacrifices just to review and our endless cramming are worth it.

I am REALLY happy…and so as my family. I am so pleased because I didn’t disappoint them. And I thank Him for this wonderful present. I am truly blessed.

So, this is the feeling when you made it. The smile on my face never disappeared. My mind and body was awaked all night. Honestly, I find it VERY hard to sleep. It’ was 3 o’clock in the morning when I finally fell asleep.

Two hours later, I was already awaked. I hurriedly rinsed my face, brush my teeth, changed clothes and put on my slippers! Then, I speedily went to Crossing Calamba (a tricycle and a jeep away from home) and bought the newspaper where the list of all successful examinees is printed. I will preserve this newspaper. How about putting it in a photo frame? Hehe!

Congratulations New Nurses! Let’s celebrate!

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

How could I miss it?

I have repeatedly asked my self that question last night. On the Lot, hosted by Adriana Costa—“the most exiting reality show on TV.” I shouldn’t have missed it. I am a fanatic. I had been watching this show since the beginning. I had been counting days of the week just to see each episode. I waited for it every Wednesday (it’s time slot on Star Movies). Last night was its final episode; the Season Finale! But what happened to me? Waa! I missed it.

According to Kate, she had watched it; Will Bigham won the million dollar contract to DreamWorks. Now, he’ll be working with Spielberg’s next BIG film. I congratulate you Will! But my real bet is the Kentucky boy, Jason Epperson. Although Will is really a great filmmaker, I love more Jason’s films. His films are so cute, funny and sweet. And he was constantly doing well on his job every week. I really thought Jason would make it. His works were always praise by the judges and he often got the highest votes from America. It’s dubious, isn’t it?

Enough said. Anyway, all of them are great. I could imagine how hard it is to make new films every week because I’d been through these. Yes, I was a filmmaker too. I made few films; but I just made them for my school projects. Ha-ha! Excluding the two films I made, dedicated and gave to her as a gift.

Here we go again. This morning, I thought I really could go over with it. I stay tuned to StarMovies. I was hoping to see a replay or even just sort of commercial for what happened last night on ‘On the Lot’. But, I didn’t find any. I even checked their website for schedules and still didn’t find one. I think I am exaggerating. It seems like I missed half of my life. Ha-ha! Anyway, it’s just a TV show. :D Why can’t I just forget it, right?;) And I really don’t think I should put this matter on my blog. Sorry, I just did. Ha-ha!

Alright, I need to bring this to an end. So now, I’ll treat my self with Brownies Unlimited and Leche Flan my mother brought home last night. Hmm…yummy! Ta-ta!


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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

“I shall return.”

The title of this blog entry is the famous line by Gen. Mc Arthur as he promised to Filipinos that he would return immediately to free them from colonizers. I learned it from my grade school teacher.

After weeks of endless chores, few trips to manila, job finding and rain watching, I am back.—I am back again to blogging. My life sometimes must seize instances. So, I do apologize for my nonexistence. You know, I like to blog regularly in stable mode, but sometimes there are unforeseen and obligatory things to be done. And honestly, if I have nothing to tell, I just won’t force my self to write. Although sometimes I tried to, so, I do apologize for my nonsense entries. And for those bloggers who patiently read my terrible entries and still keep on returning despite that bashful fact, let me thank you. Hopefully this time, I will try to write all the things I need to.

These fast few days, I concentrated on NCLEX stuffs and on finding a job. I was on Manila and on my former school; busy with my requirements and application for NCLEX. I also passed few resume in different employers, went on interviews and orientations but still, didn’t get any job. Actually, among the institutions I applied, there was this only one who gave me a call back—as of now. But my interest to this institution disappeared when they told me their terms and conditions. It turned me off. And now, I am not hopping anymore for phone calls. Because, I know they’ll just wouldn’t. If they badly need me, then, why would they let me wait, right? Ah! I feel bad for my self—for being unemployed. When will I have one? Even though I’m just a fresh grad with no job experience at all, I still feel so embarrass…specially to my parents.

To turn my mind away from this disappointment, I noticed my self doing household chores more often than before. For me, this is also a way to compensate on things because I feel so useless. I must say it’s very effective. But still, there’s this other agitation when night falls. It’s all about the forthcoming result of the local board exam. This feeling never stopped and anxiety just increases more and more as days passed. (Sigh) This is really a long wait.

It’s nice having someone around to make your day lighter at these times. Just like this afternoon. We had our lunch together and I fetch her home. I’m so glad I have Kate. I don’t know what’s with her that makes my worried face vanish. When I’m with her, I just feel lighter. It’s like I have everything I need and all the worries instantly disappear. No matter how gloomy or miserable I am, I know she can overturn it. So, I’ll never exchange talking, teasing, running…and eating cinnamon with her to anything else.
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

I lost all my widgets. :((

Sorry guys.:(
This site is still under construction.
For my blogger friends (mga ka-blog-kada ko), if you dropped by here (on this site), please leave a comment on this post together with your web blog site so that I can add you again to my links list. I am really sorry. :(
Thank you.
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Monday, August 06, 2007

Come to Feel

As usual, it was raining now and then. But, the sun still did show up this afternoon. This day, I feel so futile. There are only few things which I did.

One, I worked again with a request by my cousin-- to put her photo on a magazine cover. Last time, my ‘other’ cousins just asked me to make two magazine covers for them. One was a baby magazine the other was a “TIME” magazine. This time, I tried to make a “seventeen”-- which is obviously the one I added on this entry. (more magazine covers on my multiply)

Two, I never held my TV’s remote control today. I was not in the mood to watch any movies or TV shows. I just listened to music (sound trip) all day.

Three, late in the afternoon, I chatted with my two cousins in Dubai. We were talking about foods, being sick, jobs and the never-ending issue of the delayed NLE (Nursing Licensure Exam) result.

Four, I was flooded by lots of commands from my father and my sister. I washed the plates. I was asked to fold the clothes and was asked to run errand for a buy outside. It was raining. I can’t find any umbrella to use, so, I just wore a cap and ran fast.

Five, I thought of her.

Six, she called. But, I didn’t know what happened. I was doing nothing when the phone just hung up. Waa! :’( She was asking for a research topic and title. I tried to help her. Anyway, she went home a bit late today because she and her classmates spent few hours in the library for their project. We still chatted, when she got home but not that long. She has an early class tomorrow. I let her sleep early so she can have ample rest and sleep. (What a pity!) I was about to remind her something great which happened exactly one year ago. I thought we could reminisce. Since she slept already, let me put it in here. ;)

Last year, it was one of the edgy days of her life. She took the UPCAT, the most popular entrance exam here in the Philippines. On her way to the examination place, she was accompanied by her mom. But, she was left alone because her mom had to go to business stuffs. I decided to go there—to show my support. But of course, I was not allowed to enter her examination room. I bought a bar of chocolate for her. I asked the examiner to please give it to her. As I remember, it was raining too—just like today. And still, I waited for her outside. Even if my hair was dripping wet, I never gave up waiting. When she finished the test and finally came out, at just one look, she had me smiling. It was all worthy. We walked and took our dinner together. It was another happy day with endless joy. I was so taken with her smile and laugh. My heart was again touched by the look in her eyes—so in love.

(Bonus) On this same day too, she gave me a letter written, “My Arn.” –Sweet. :x

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Sunday, August 05, 2007


Yesterday’s morning was hazy. It was rainy season again. It was cold and so I started up my day with a minute stretching my extremities. Then, I quickly begin to do my cousin’s assignment for him. It’s a good thing I finished it early. Anyway, the assignment was to write a hundred medical terms. The instruction was to add prefixes and suffixes to it and then, define each. (Nurses out there can pretty much relate on what I’m talking…right?)

Speaking of Nurses, I heard from a friend (from his reliable source) that the reason why the result of the June 2007 Local Board Exam for Nurses is taking too long to come out is because there were mistakes upon checking it. The computerized checking was prerecorded as Test 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, respectively instead of Test 1, 2, 3, 5 and 4. This is then the reason why there were so many applicants who didn’t make it for the Test 4 and 5 on the initial checking. So, as of now, what the Board of Nursing is doing is manually checking all the test papers. Wee! I wonder if they could ever make it, precisely.

Anyway, what I am really going to tell you about yesterday is that we met again. We had this chat on the afternoon about where are we going to meet and where are we going to. This time, she was the one who came over me instead of me picking her. Sweet. The plan was to meet a long time “no see” friend from Baguio, buy some cinnamon (her favorite), and watch the sunset on the bayside-- on my place. First destination is Abby’s house. She said they, her friends, will be meeting there. But when we’re near the place, cats and dogs started dropping from the sky. So, we moved to plan B. We cover under the roof of McDonald’s. There, we waited for her friend from Baguio, ate some donuts, and chewed fats with her friends.

The rain didn’t stop that afternoon. We have to go to a friend’s house, so, we walked under the same umbrella she brought. I thought hearts, not rain drops, were falling from the sky. And the sound of the rain as it touches the earth was like thud of piano being played. She knew I love that view of us. So, I drew her closer to my side as my arms casing her back and my hand clinging to her far shoulder. We walk as if we were on a haven of love…so safe and sound. And not being bothered by the noise of the ogres of the street.

Funny, she was craving for Calamares like a pregnant woman. But we cannot find food store to buy it. I hope she was not upset. Anyway, we still found cinnamon and ate it while we are on our way home.

I was displeased by the weather. It was rainy so we didn’t have the chance to watch the sunset. It was cloudy. (sigh) We have no choice but to go home. Anyway, I was satisfied by the time we’ve spent. It was still enough…or maybe too much, to make my day. I was right. She knocked me out again. The way she talk, the way she stare, and the way she smile…It really captures my heart.-- Making me so in love.


1. I was shocked last night when I found out that one of my distant relative is suffering from heart cancer. I hope He’ll ease his pain. I hope my prayers will help.

2. This afternoon, I said I was just going to rest for a while after I finished washing a week old soiled clothes but I fell deep asleep. I am glad it didn’t rain even though dark clouds covered the sky all day. All the washed clothes dried quickly.

3. It was my cousin JV’s birthday today. I had free meriendasopas and pancit.

4.I was watching Herbie winning the race on HBO this afternoon when suddenly I heard a loud cry. It was my Kuya. :O That was the first time I saw my oldest brother cried like that. (I mean, “at this age.” Because, of course, I saw him cried way back when we we’re just kids.) He shed tears as if it was the end of the world. REALLY! He was looking for my mom to comfort him. And I can’t stand to listen so I went for a shower pretending I was hearing nothing. When he finally talked to my mom, I heard that the reason why he’s in such loneliness is that his girlfriend is moving. Tomorrow, his girlfriend will go back to her home town somewhere in South/Mindanao. Now I know why he set up an overnight swimming on a resort last night. A farewell party maybe. My mom is good in handling this kind of matter. So, she gave him piece of advice and comforted him. I felt sad for my brother. I think she truly love the girl.
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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Muddled Sentiment

Last night, I was thinking what would life like be when it’s done? Would it be easy or difficult? And what will happen to those friendster accounts and blogs left by it owners? How long will those profiles and posts will exist? Will it ever be updated? (Creepy) I don't know why I thought of these things. It just popped up in my mind. And made me feel eerie. Anyway, I believe this is a blog entry and not a horror prose, so, I have to go forward.

I am not well. I am not so well. I’m not so sure why...But one thing I’m sure of-- I’m not well. Maybe, I am just missing something…or somebody, rather. As I wake up this morning, I was shocked when I saw the time on my clock. Wee! It’s almost 10am. But, still, my pillow wanted to pull back my head down. I feel bad. Even my stomach wanted to spit out every food I ate this morning. I lost my appetite this day. I wonder what’s happening to my body. Lately, I do not like this world I’m living. Oh! Can somebody remind me again how beautiful life is?

Are my views wrong? Maybe, I am still frustrated because I still have no job. I was thinking of whether to work or continue taking exams. I already have application forms for IELTS and NCLEX-RN. And as I look at it (sigh), will I ever complete all the requirements? And are my parents ready for the costs of these? I’m talking hundreds of dollars here. (Sigh) I can’t even make any decisions. Maybe I should really wait for the result of the Local Board exam first before I move to the next step. I am still anxious about result of that exam. Honestly, I was not satisfied with my performance at that exam. I hope I will able to pass it. I really need to know the result as soon as possible…for me to relax.

Chill out! My mind just can’t stop thinking of things. Lately, I was worried a lot by what she’s been saying: “Someone’s joking about admiring me.” “Excited for my next class… may inaabangan ata.” “Sweet ng pangyayari, nasa gitna ako ng 2 cute (daw) from the class.” “Actually, ngayon lang ako nagging close sa guy.” “He fixed my hair.” These make me sick. Or let me say, jealous. But, no, I’m not blaming her for being honest or open. Actually, I’m thanking her for being sincere. It’s just that I am too afraid to loose her.

“I need to unwind,” she said. I almost cried. I thought she needed time of her own. But what she really meant was for her to relax, literally. She needs me beside her. I miss her so much. The days feel like years when I’m not with her. I feel like everything I do—reminds me of her. She never left my mind even for a second.

I’m very happy we’re still fine after a long silence. Right now, I am remembering the time when we were on a supermarket, she was to buy something. But, she never let me see what she’s buying. She hid on a product shelve. I thought she left me. I look around…and I found her. Then, the music inside the store turned to somewhat romantic. She looks behind her…and then, smiled back at me. I felt at ease. She’s perfect.

I really miss the time we’ve spent. I hope to see her again soon. Next time we meet, I'm sure she’ll make me fall again. :x

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