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Thursday, July 24, 2008

June 2008 Philippine Nursing Board Exam Result

June 2008 Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam Result

Congratulations to our new Nurses!

Click here to see the result.


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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Last week, I was pulled-out to ward due to understaffing. The last time I have my duty to ward was long time ago. From only three patients in ICU, I was back to handling 10 patients. Honestly, I missed having my duty in the ward because there, I am free. I can go to any hospital departments and relate with my co-staff nurses unlike in ICU where I am always locked inside and alone.

During this duty, I had an admission. It was a hypertensive patient with a difficult and demanding watcher/relative. (Nurses, it’s a toxic wife.) The patient’s wife keeps on asking me to come over with lots of questions and requests. I accentuate to her that they are confined in the ward and that I can’t give much attention to her patient. I make cleared that I have plenty of patients and that I have to prioritize them. And still, I told them I will do my best to attend their needs.

On that evening duty, this wife keeps on asking me to bed bath her “ambulatory” husband. I told them I can assist them after I am done with my routines. Watchers here in Philippines usually do the bed bath for their patients and nurses assist them. But this wife, she wanted only me to do it all. And so when his husband purged, she called me and told me to clean him. Though there were caregivers, I did all the cleaning. Good thing the patient is cooperative unlike her wife. I told him to clean his ass while I was assisting him with the soap, water and things. Even though I was wearing a thick mask, his sh*t was very smelly.

And just yesterday, I was pulled out again. And guess what, I handled this patient again. Good thing they are already for discharge. They are not as demanding as before. Yes, Lucky me!

After I gave them the home medication instructions, they thanked me for the service I rendered. They apologized for being too demanding and gave me an endowment. It was a pack of 16 treat size Cadbury Chocolate TimeOut. I refused to receive it but since they insisted, I accepted it. Haha! Happy.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shopping Spree

Even if it was my day-off, I still went to the hospital yesterday. I scheduled my mom for an X-ray, mammogram and free bone scan as well. Good thing they still have slots.

Afterwards, I went on a fast food chain where I meet this friend. She wanted me to accompany her in buying a laptop. In short, I was her techno-adviser. We had our lunch inside the van going to Festival Mall, Alabang. I also showed her some products and price lists I brought. I emphasized to her the importance of computer’s specifications rather than its look.

When we got the place, we started canvassing. We hopped from different branch to branch. We didn’t stop until we see ‘the right one’ or three, rather. Yes, we had 3 prospects. She has to make a very wise decision because we’re talking money here.

For her to think correctly, we decided to have our dinner first before choosing and buying. We rode a taxi and went to another known classy mall, Alabang Town Center. We supposed to have our dinner at a Japanese eat-all-you-can restaurant there but sadly, the famous restaurant is now closed. So, we looked for another and found the Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant. We ordered ‘of course’ the famous mix sashimi. We included maguro (tuna), kari (crab stick), ebi (shrimp), sake (salmon) and tamago (sweetened egg). As usual, I didn’t put wasabe on my kikoman soy sause. I don’t like the taste of wasabe.

What’s new to my taste were; the Gomoku soup, clear soup with mixed sea foods, pork and egg; katsudon, breaded pork omlet with stirred egg tipped on rice; tonkatsu curry rice, mixed seafoods with a potatoes, carrots and gravy. And to push down all we ate, we ordered four seasons smoothie with a very good presentation.

With full stomach and brain in good process, she finally made a good decision. Among the three laptop prospects, she chose only one. And the chosen one is…

We hurriedly went back to the mall and to the store where we found the chosen one. And she bought it. The salesman gave us a quick demo of the products and gave us info or “what to know”.

Going out, a music player and digital cam window display of a store caught my attention. It’s Abenson, a store near to the mall’s entrance. We went in and looked at the products. I can’t keep my eyes to these items and on a pop, I decided to buy them. Buying a music player and a digital camera was not in my plan. I was just supposed to accompany my friend in buying a laptop. Haha! I never though I would buy something for my self. Anyway, I am very happy with these new Samsung gadgets I have.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Good Job

After my tiring duty, I hurriedly went on an ATM and cashed out some savings. Being exhausted, I decided to treat my self for an indulging lunch. And when I got my orders, I swiftly remembered that I was supposed to watched “Hancock” in theatre with Jec and Hazel. And so, I called Hazel who I left in the hospital and was looking for me…and Jec who’s at home getting ready to go out. Then, I told them where I was and to come over.

We met and headed to the theatre. Many had come to see the film too. We’re glad that we still found seats. We were just on time when trailers of upcoming movies were being advertised. And what made me excited were these new “Batman” and “007” movie trailers.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

The starting scenes of the movie were very entertaining. Seeing a drunk, dirty, miserable and ‘a not so hero’, superhero is unpredictably witty. He is homeless, awful and dejected. He saves lives but causes more property damages. As in, million dollar damages and the public have enough of it. In short, he’s an A-hole. Yes, Hancock is an A-hole. And he hates it when people called him that way. So, better be careful because he competes even with children. Trust me; you would not want to be thrown up in the sky by this heroic idiot.

But when he saved and met this PR spokesperson Ray, he was pushed to change. Ray turned Hancock to an ideal superhero. Hancock changed his bad image to a good one by sending his self into prison, wearing a-more-like superhero suit and by praising LA cops with his catchy line “Good job.”

The entertaining scenes of the movie turned dramatic when Hancock met Mary. (It’s the part where I unconsciously had a short nap.) It was a startling twist that divulged facts about Hancock’s past. I personally think that the movie lost its momentum to that part.

The movie was too fast. First, he was an A-hole, and then he’s an Idol. That’s it. I was expecting more twists other than the not surprising dramatic part. But still, I praised its good visual effects and its success in mixing action and comedy. Fair enough.

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Shuffled Entries

Since I lost my new mobile phone, I have to use my old one. Through SMS, I am connected again with my friends with my new SIM card. That means new mobile number again. I haven’t gathered all my friends’ numbers yet. And I am trying to get them all as soon as possible. That’s my mission impossible for now. How I wish I backed them up before I lost it. But I am not to blame. I never thought I would lose it, anyway.

Good news. I am very happy that my brother, Arcie and my sister, Ariane made it too. Last April, I help them construct a scholarship application to Red Tab Foundation. It’s a scholarship program somewhat similar to the one I had way back when I was on college. Their application was submitted via mail to California. I just tied up their application with few edits on grammar and made use of simple phrases. And just yesterday, after months of waiting, I am very pleased to know that they have been selected to receive a Red Tab Scholars award. A check payable in U.S. dollars will be mailed to them for their respective schools. Now, they can use the amount for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and required equipment. The award is renewable provided that they will maintain satisfactory academic performance in a full-time undergraduate program.

This scholarship is a big help for our family especially now that the price of fuel and everything else is soaring. On behalf of my brother and sister, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Red Tab Scholars, Scholarship Management Services. And of course, I would like to thank God for the blessings. Thank You.

With Feedjit, I can see live traffic on my blog. Most of the time, I see someone searching for their assignment or research studies (maybe) with search engines and end up to my site. I am happy that somehow my site had been their resources. But sometimes, I find my self laughing with the keywords they’ve searched which is not related to my articles.

(click the picture to enlarge)

I never thought someone would also look over for my name in the internet. Surprisingly, someone just entered my complete name in yahoo search. This is not just the first time, but the third time someone did it. And it appeared to be the same browser, OS and place. I made this post because I am curious about *you. I may know you. You may reply to this post.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It Wasn’t Me

Someone I hardly know went our house this afternoon. She’s from the farthest compound of our barangay; very far from our house. She said, she was looking for a nurse and found me. Her purpose for her visit was to ask favor if I can insert an IV line (dextrose) on his sick father. Her father is bedridden and needs vitamin infusion. And so, I said “yes.”

After a very long walk to their house, she introduced me to the patient and gave me the materials needed. I was saddened when I saw the needle I’ll be using. It was a butterfly IV, an old and nearly faced off needle use in IV insertion. I was worried ‘cause I seldom used this kind of needle. Insytes or introcan are the IV canulas commonly use nowadays.

While I was preparing the IV line, I was shocked when she told me to add vitamin c on the dextrose. As nursing standard, I asked if there’s any prescription so I can give the medication. The lady showed me a prescription saying, “Infuse 1 ampule of Vitamin C to D5LR to run for 20gtts/min.” The order was clear. But when the lady gave me the vitamin, I was surprised again. She handed me a bottle of vitamin c capsules, branded “Vital-C”. On a nice manner, I clearly state that I can NOT give that medication. It was not as prescribed by the doctor. So, I refused to give it. But they insisted that the doctor instructed them that if ampule is not available they may use diluted vitamin c capsule instead. That was COMPLETELY strange. I never heard nor learned that an oral medication may be given through IV injection or infusion.

What I did was to explain clearly my side and reasons why I can’t give that medication. I don’t want to take any risks.

Then, she called the doctor who gave the prescription. The doctor clarified the order. “I understand why the nurse wouldn’t give it because it is unusual…but it may be given that way,” the doctor said. I never knew this doctor and this ‘Vital-C’ and so I still refused to give the drug. But they seem so sure. She even told me that the nurse yesterday just did it. Since they insisted, I gave them an option.

The option was that I will insert the IV (since there is an order) but I won’t give the medication. I said, it’s up to them to give the drug and I won’t give any responsibility in it. So, I explained the legality again CLEARLY, and they understand that I have no legal accountability. I successfully inserted a butterfly needle on the patient’s right hand vein, aseptically. And SHE gave/incorporated the said vitamin on the dextrose solution. Not me.

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