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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Two days ago, Kate and I had the chance to see each other. I accompanied her in borrowing books to her former classmate. We also went in UPLB, where we met few friends. When we were on our way home, I was very happy. I felt complete again. (I hope she did too.) Whenever, I stare at her…oh! What an unexplainable feeling. It was overwhelming especially when our eyes meet…or when I saw her smiling at me.

Yesterday, even though we were distance apart, it’s amazing that I felt that I was besides her…helping her with her assignment. It’s a good thing I can still remember the basics of chemistry. And thanks to the internet—our way of communicating.

This afternoon, was also as pleased as the past few days. Even though not well-planned, we met again. Her last class today was till 12:30 only. And it so happened that I was asked to pay for our electric and water bills. I grabbed this opportunity; asked her if I can see her for a while. Unexpectedly, it rained this afternoon. I didn’t bring an umbrella. Kate, being so sweet, waited for me in the terminal and offered her umbrella to me. You might think I am too exaggerated, but for me, walking under the same umbrella while it’s raining is such a romantic moment. Even though rain symbolizes, sadness (or crying), it turned my day into bliss. (Sigh.)

You might think this is foolish. Or this is just a simple scene. But for me, this is worth remembering. And I am so grateful for spending these minutes with her. — A moment I will never EVER trade for anything else.
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's With the Cinnamon?

Last night, we chatted up to midnight. We were having good conversation from funny to serious stories. After that, we slept. But I had a very shallow sleep. I can’t help but to get off my bed, go to CR and sneak around.

Weird thing, when we got the chance to talk this afternoon. She asked me if I dreamed of her.—True, I dreamt of her. But, it was not that specific that I hardly remember it. All I know is that I saw her…in my dream. She told me that she had a hard time to sleep too. She was awake too for hour’s last night.—Similar as what happened to me. Strange, isn’t it? (For me, maybe…and not for you.)

She was half day in school today. She got home early and so, we chatted again. She was alone and I am too. Her mom was on a business thing and her sister was still in school. On the other hand, my mom, dad and older bro, accompanied ariane for her weekly check up in the hospital.

2:45pm, we both decided to take a nap ‘cause we had not enough sleep last night.

This night, she asked me, what is the importance of psychology? How many braches of psychology are there? (A related topic for an assignment maybe.) I answered her questions, but not directly. I just gave her implied answers. Haha!

She has plenty of assignments today. And so, I gave her ample time for her to do it.—by not bothering.

She was unhappy. She told me she was pissed off because they have no classes but then was not allowed to go home early. I cant see the rationale why they need to keep the students if teachers will not come for a lecture. Anyway, in our school if the lecturer was 30 minutes late, then, it’s official; we have no classes…we go home. * That is according to our student handbook, page 32.

*I saw this in the internet…somewhat similar to…….(nvm, just read this)

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Dream Within A Dream
Are You Sleeping?
Sweet Dreams
Dream a Dream Tonight
Lullaby And Good Night
Goodnight Sweetheart... Goodnight
Love You
Never Go To Bed Mad
Guardian Angels God Will Send Thee

Sweetest Dreams
Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
Baby Mine
Sleep My Child And Peace Attend Thee
See You In The Morning
Goodnight... Sleep Tight
Keep Me 'Til The Morning Light
Hush Little Baby
Day Is Done

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Learned By Heart

Even though I celebrated my birthday with no party or any handa, this is still my happiest birthday ever.

I have not that much stories to tell you. The only reason which made my day great was her. She was with me, on my birthday.— That was my birthday wish. And I am so glad it came true.

She was my BEST gift ever. I am very thankful for that.

*Again, here is the list of the thoughtful persons who greeted me:

Yoe, ara, angel, ate ve, ric, sam, apez, dona, kat (her friend), mica, renz, roch, pat, haze, jec, cathy, mek, egg roy, tita do, ninang efs and mitchy.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

i need something special

Sigh. I feel worthless these past few days. I never imagined that life would be as boring as this when you’re done with your study or school. (How about those students who suddenly gave up their studies and decided not go to school anymore? Are we feeling the same…hmm?) Anyway, my days were so…oh! Boring. I wake up at 9am. Eat breakfast. Watch movies. Eat lunch. Wash plates. Watch movies. Bath. Eat dinner. Watch movies. Sleep. And that’s it! It’s the same routine the next days. Boring, isn’t it?

Because of these, I was thinking of finding a job while waiting for the result of the board exam. Any suggestions? ;)

But, yesterday was another story. Feeling so bored, I decided to wash a week soiled clothes (not just my clothes). It’s 12:30 pm when I started and I finished it at 4:30 pm. I haven’t eaten my lunch by that time. So, I hurriedly grab a plate. But when I opened the rice cooker...waah! They left no rice for me. Sadly, I have to cook my own.

And while I was about to eat…waah! Here comes the rain. It destroyed all my sinampay.

Happy part, I was again with her. After I printed out her 1X1 id picture, I went to her house and gave her the print outs and the book she’ll be needing. Since, I was there na, her mom invited me to have dinner with them. And I did.

There was again, endless joy, many talks, laughters…and the sad part of parting time again. Well, at least, it changed my boring weekends.


1. Of course, she was the first one to greet. (in advance..)

2. my ninong

3. my sis (ariane)

4. surprisingly, a long time no hear friend, kat

5. my colleague, ate itchy (a birthday celebrant today too)

* that’s it for tonight… I hope to write more in this list tomorrow. See yah!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

..Our Summer Ender.

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. Last time was when I was having my review for the local board exam for nurses. Ahh...the scheduled exam was taken finally. What happened? “No comment.” The Board of Nursing really challenged us with their very difficult sets of questions. I think they gave us a difficult test because of the last years leakage. :((

Brief story of what happened on our examination days:

June 6-7

We, my group study mates, stayed at Patruzka’s house. We ate all their foods, emptied their ref and broke their beds. Nah! Just kidding… honestly, we did all we can to scan all the possible topics that might be given in the actual exam.

June 8

Morning (dawn), we all went to our respective home…except Pat, of course.

Morning (real morning), we gather at Halang (Hectan) for we will be going to check our schedule for the exam. Its almost 9 am when we got to PRC. Then, luckily, on Jobee, where we took our breakfast, we found a friend who guided us to his known hotels where we can stay.

After deciding to which hotel to check in, one by one, we went to our respective scheduled examination places. Here we went accordingly: from Elizabeth Hotel, to Quiapo Church, to MLQ university, to Paco, to P.Burgos Elementary School, to St. Jude (Mendiola), to Isetan where we bought our foods and back to the hotel.

It was 6pm when we all got home.

June 9

As early as 4am. I went to Letran, Bucal, to be picked up by Pat. Yeah, I was hitched. We were too early to arrive at the hotel. So we waited for Hazel’s car, where Jec naman was hitched. It was 6 am when we finally checked in at the hotel. And before we put in place our things, we took our free breakfast for that day at the hotel’s bar.

The plan for us to relax and take a good rest for that day was not reached. Still, we maximized the time by reviewing. We had hard time to sleep that night. Our sleep was too shallow.

BTW, FYI, we rented two rooms. Each one has two beds. I was on the room 204 with my room mate Jec.

June 10 “Examination Day 1”

We didn’t have hard time to wake up…’cause I think all didn’t sleep well. We just ate noodles and coffee for breakfast and that’s it…. We went to our respective examination places and took the first three exams.

What can I say to the exam? “No comment.”

June 11 “Day 2 of the Exam”

What worse happened yesterday got worst today.

We didn’t know exactly what’s with the mind of those Board of Examinees… Are they angry with us?

Anyway, after the exam, we finally had our time to take a good rest. We extended our stay in the hotel and planned to go home the next day. During those resting periods, we did nothing but eat, watch tv, chat, and sleep. Not to mention how many times we prayed for His guidance since the first day of this month.

June 12 “Independence Day…

But, Dependence Day again for me…’ I am home again. Everybody was asking, “How’s the exam?” and what did I answer them…? “NO COMMENT.” Ha-ha!

I just let my lazy body today took several naps…and nothing extraordinarily happened.

June 13 “Finally ‘been with her after a month…”

It was the orientation day in her new school. After the program, she went to her friend Aby’s house…’cause it’s fiesta.

We planned to meet to day. But I can’t go with her ‘cause I was not invited. So, I just passed by Aby’s house and quickly gave her a hankie. On the other hand, I was invited by my high school friend too. (for the same reason—fiesta)

It’s was about 4pm when she told me to come over. Oh, I finally took a BIG look at her. She’s even prettier…when she cut her hair short. I did nothing but stare at her. (Don’t know if she noticed me doing it…especially when we were on a hut, jeep, elevator, and “garden.”)

There were two new places where we went today. First, we went to LGA to see the colorful flowers (she wanted me to see). It is somewhat far, so we decided to sit for a while on a nipa hut. We were having our moments when suddenly…ahhh! A security guard bothered us.

She took me to one of her favorite places today and so it’s my turn. I took her to the place I’ve been wanting for her to see too. It was dark already when we arrived, around 6pm. I was thinking to blind fold her while we were on the elevator.—just to surprise her. But I didn’t. When we got to the place, we walk around to see the striking views. I can see in her eyes, she’s enjoying. I was afraid she might not like the place…but I was wrong. She loves it too. We settle at table near the fountain and took our dinner. The minutes are too perfect for an ordinary day. It was exactly what I had imagined when I was there alone…missing her…thinking of her. The night again was magical. It was the same feeling of sweetness as compared to the nights we had back then. We were able to manage pleasantly our times together.

Sadly, we have to split ways again. she need to go home…and me too. I just left her with a note and a kiss on her hand for a goodnight. I hope to see her again soon. I am really missing her so much.


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Monday, June 04, 2007

“I wanna vomit.” (Brought about by a very severe anxiety of the upcoming board exam)

Coffee: 2 brewed, 1 iced hazelnut cappuccino

Task accomplished: 2

Pimples: aside from the tiny zits…a BIG one on my nose bridge.

Sleep: 4 hours

Meal: squid, burger (yuck!), and squash…

SMS: 3 (two are with exactly the same message)

I was one hour late for my review this morning…and finally, the much awaited result of the preboard exam was posted.

Weather wised, I wore a shirt, short pants and a pair of slippers, today. The weather was really hot. I cannot withstand to stay outside…especially at lunch time. It feels like it is summer still. And so, I was hoping for the rain to fall.

After the review, we (my friends) had a meeting for our plan for the board exam. We talked about when to go to the PRC to know where we are going to take the exam. We planned to stay on a hotel for two days. And so we decided and chose to stay, on a 3 star hotel which my uncle’s friend suggested because of the discount.

When I got home today, I ate my dinner and started chatting with her again. She let me sleep early today…sweeeeet. Even though, there is a very especial day yet to come tomorrow.

*I visited her bog today. She is still suffering for the same dilemma for almost a month regarding her future career. I read her post. I can’t help her… I wish I can do something.

Ooops. That’s it for now. She want me to sleep early, right? So, thank you and good night...or day. (whatever)

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

New Look

Finally, I had time to change my blog’s layout.

Sorry for the horrible layout… I’m still not used to in lay outing.

Anyway, these past few days, I had been in to many new places. Why? I am looking for a conducive place where I can review for the up coming licensure exam for nurses.... luckily, I found one. This place is like an oasis for me. Know why? It is located here in the city of Calamba… at Crossing, Calamba. :O Really, I was surprise…the place is stunningly beautiful…the setting, the ambiance, is so gorgeous. It’s really the place I’ve been looking for. It reminds me of the “beautiful garden roof top” in the movie “just like heaven”.

I found the place very romantic, and so I am planning go there with her.

When? “It’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

We’re going to sleep early today…(1am) Because we’ve been staying up to 3am this past few days… We need rest.

So, till next time… Thanks for dropping by.


If I cut my hair,
If I change my clothes,
Will you notice me?
If I bite my lip,
If i say hello,
Will you notice me?
What's it gotta take for you too see,
I want you to notice me,
I'll get you notice me.

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