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Saturday, May 31, 2008


Kapag may sinuksok, may madudukot…
While I was ironing my scrub suit this morning, I noticed a bulky thing on its pocket. I thought it was just a shredded tissue paper which got wet and dried up from washing. I was surprised when I found out that it was a Php100 bill. Haha! My sister, who did the washing didn’t see it.

Kapag may pinukpok, may madudurog…
One of my patients this morning is lethargic and bedridden. She needed an NGT or nasogastric tube feeding . NGT is a tube inserted to the nostril, passing through the esophagus and ends to the stomach. NGT feeding is an artificial way of ingesting food/medicine for those patients who can't swallow. Tablets can’t pass through the NGT. For them to become powder-like or pulverized, you need to pound them first. We, nurses, use mortar and pestle to crush tablets. Unintentionally, I knocked one of my fingers while doing this. Ouch! It’s a good thing my precious nail didn’t die.

Kapag wala ang pusa, nagbubungkal ng pagkain ang mga daga…
Milk powder is commonly use for NGT feeding, which is the source of energy and nutrients for those who are bedridden. While I was preparing milk for my client, I was fascinated by its flavor. The milk’s can labeled, “Vanilla Flavor”. Out of curiosity, I and my co-staff planned to blend milk for ourselves. Haha! I did the mixing while she vigilantly looked for comers. We were so afraid we might get caught. We were just snooping on what it tastes like. And…yuck! We just threw it up.

Kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga…
I end up this day with a mollycoddle dinner with this very delicious bowl nilagang baboy. It’s an easy to cook Filipino food; boiled pork with vegetables. It’s a soupy kind of food dish that is good in any kind of weather. Yummy! I love nilaga.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kawasaki Disease

Yesterday, I was able to handle a patient with a very rare illness called Kawasaki disease. It's an illness that involves the skin, mouth, and lymph nodes, and most often affects kids under age 5. My patient was a 2 years old girl. The cause for this kind of disease is still unknown, but if the symptoms are recognized early, kids with Kawasaki disease can fully recover within a few days. Untreated, it can lead to serious complications that can affect the heart.

Kawasaki disease is very rare here in the Philippines. It is most common among Japanese children. That's why it's called "Kawasaki". I interviewed my patient's mom. I asked her if there's any Japanese descent in their family. Unexpectedly, there is none.

There is no prevention for this disease. There are also no definite diagnostic test for early detection of this disease. Doctors usually just base their impression from it's signs and symptoms.

At the first phase of the disease, which can last for up to 2 weeks, usually involves a persistent high fever. The fever lasts for at least 5 days. When I assessed my patient, I found out lots of symptoms that really indicates that she's suffering from Kawasaki. There are severe redness in the eyes; red, dry, cracked lips; swollen tongue with a white coating and big red bumps; and sore, irritated throat. She also have swollen palms on her hands and soles of the feet with a purple-red color. That's why I have hard time inserting an IV canula to her vein for IV-IG infusion.

IV-IG infusion is the usual treatment for this disease. It's an intravenous doses of gamma globulin (purified antibodies), an ingredient of blood that helps the body fight infection. For my patient's case, I need to infuse 10 bottles of IV-IG. Each vial contains 50ml of IV-IG that I need to transfuse one by one using an infusion pump. One vial of IV-IG cost a shocking price of Php15,000. So, for a total of 10 vials, my patient bought it for a more shocking price of Php150,000. That's why I am very careful of handling each vials...making sure not to break them.

A high dose of aspirin may also be given for this kind of patient. It is taken to reduce the risk of complication--heart problems. If Kawasaki disease is treated within 10 days of the onset of symptoms, heart problems usually do not develop.

Cases that go untreated can lead to more serious complications, such as vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessels. This can be particularly dangerous because it can affect the coronary arteries, which supply blood to the heart. In addition to the coronary arteries, the heart muscle, lining, valves, and the outer membrane that surrounds the heart can become inflamed. Arrhythmias (changes in the normal pattern of the heartbeat) or abnormal functioning of some heart valves also can occur.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It was fiesta in our Barangay. As usual, there are lots of things to keep myself busy for a day. There are many people to entertain and many errands to go after. It was just like a big family reunion. Every thing was customary, but then…

When the sun was about to set, I got away from home. I went to a cafeteria few kilometers away from the eventful neighborhood. I supposed to meet Kate and her mom there at 6pm. I tried to be there a little bit earlier but I was trapped by a heavy traffic. At least, I came to the place at unerringly 6pm on my watch.

As I was going up on the elevator, my mind constantly thinking why did Kate’s mom invite me for this evening. I looked for a cozy place and settled. Fifteen minutes passed, and still the two haven’t arrived yet. So, I decided to go down and looked for them outside. Then, I saw them; they were looking for me too. When we came in to the elevator, I kindly pressed the button to where floor we’re going to. I pressed number "5". I was shocked when I saw her mom’s reaction. Her face showed an allusion that I pressed the wrong button. Then, she pressed number “2” instead of “5”.

I was taken aback. I thought we were going to a cafeteria but it was not what it looks like. I was kidnapped. I have no idea on where we're going. All of the following activities were not according to plan. I heard someone said, “I was culture shocked.” Honestly, I was too. Not only I was kidnapped; there were many of us.

There’s no need to tell you more about what happened. Just think of it this way; I was kidnapped for 3 ½ hours. Yes. Three and a half hours of no food, no talk, no other movements but just sitting. If you were in my position, you would probably say, "Oh no. What am I doing in this kind of place? Why am I here?" And you want to yell, "Waaaaaah!" But, you just can't. Trust me, it's the place you would never wish to be at...at first. But, you will eventually be a part of the new culture...thereafter. Then, you'll say to yourself, "I am glad I was here."

After I was released, I finally got the chance to eat. We devoured to where we originally planned to go to, at a rooftop cafeteria with plants and fountains landscape (boon with a dazzling bright lights view of the city).

After consuming frappe, shake, juice, clubhouse and presto, we all went home safe and sound.

Since it’s fiesta, there are few programs held at our Barangay’s covered court. At least, I was able to watched the spectacular fireworks display and the winning of my cousin, Nica, in a beauty pageant.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Personal Coat of Arms

Creative. I love doing things in a completely different way. I always want to do something that is unique. I love inventing.
Friendly. I am fond of collecting friends. I want to be everybody's friend.
Brave and Adventurous. I never give up to any challenges. I love facing my fears. I love traveling and going to places I've never been.
Respectful. I do have respect for elders. I treat them in a good manner.
Sense of Humor. I always crack a joke. I want everybody to laugh with my corny jokes.
Critic. I quickly judge a person. And I often notice faults.
Forgetful. There are times when I was on the middle of a work, I will stop and think..."What will I do next?" It's like when I am in the middle of the stair, I stopped and think, "Am I going upstairs or downstairs?" I am not good in remembering names and birthdays either.
Boastful. Maybe I am just proud of my self especially when I did something that is outstanding.
I have mañana and ningas kugon habit. Sometimes, I skip works. And I am only good at the beginning.
Moody. I quickly change mood.
Greatest Frustration...Are at those times when I felt like I am on a maze. I don't know where to go. I have no idea of what kind of future will I have. I have no proper orientation on what must I do or where must I go.
Greatest Achievement. I somehow helped my clients and my receivers of health care during my duties. It's like doing something good for the welfare of others.
Favorite Part of My Body. I love my ears because I love music. I love to listen to songs. And I love to listen to a friend.
Happy. I am happy when I did something good. It feels good when I passed the exam or accomplished a job/work.
Richest and Powerful Person in the World. If I am the richest and most powerful person in the world, I will promote peace. I want peace in this planet. I want to stop terrorism, crimes and wars.
"Why try to change the world?" A better question is, "Why not?"
Wish. I wish I could travel around the world. I like to go to different places, meet people/culture and have a relaxing day to wonderful sanctuaries.
Now. I feel unease and starting thinking, "What if?"
Next."What should I write?"

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Every time you say “good bye,” you have to let go.

Because you’ve gone and left me standing all alone,
And I know, I’ve got to face tomorrow on my own.

Everything just fell apart.

It’s been almost half a year since you decided to end it up. For months, I’ve been trying to bring back what we had before. I was hoping to be yours again. I was looking for a place in your heart. I don't know if I am still there. I felt confused. All I did was to wait. There were times I can't sleep. I can't eat. And I can't even laugh. There are times I feel so down and don't know where to go. I'd been trying to go back but everything had changed. And now...I already accepted it.

There's no more "us." And, I am almost used to it.

You know I had never felt for someone like you. You're the biggest surprise of my life. I won't regret the times we shared together and the happiness you brought to my life. You made me a better person. I felt the sweetest warmth during those times you were at my side. I had been in the safest place with your arms. For two years, you had taught me many things about life.

Even though you took away everything from me, I won't regret the things I did, the words I said, and the love I fought for. Because from now on, I'll try not to risk it all anymore and save some for myself. I am not going to be afraid to say goodbye even if it hurts. But I'll stay true to myself and do everything that I have to do...'Cause I know, there are reasons for these things and reasons for the pasts. I will still love even until it hurts me again... And be happy until I cry again. For when my life flashes before I die, I know, I'll be happy for what I did.

If love fails, I have to set myself free. Now, I am letting my heart breaths its life again. I may find love and lose it. But when love dies, I never have to die with it.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Calamba Massacre

Two days after the bloody incident at RCBC branch Cabuyao, another massacre happened. This time at our own town, Calamba.

Yesterday, early morning, a mother and 2 children were sent to our hospital’s emergency room. The mother was DOA (dead on arrival) while the other 2 were given immediate care. Both of them suffered from profuse bleeding due to gun shot. Because the two don’t have anymore immediate family to take care of, both of them were transfered to Batangas Regional Hospital for continuous management.

The incident happened at a remote area, Barangay Hornolan. As I heard from the news, 8 people died, including 4 children, while 6 were injured. The gunmen open fired 4 houses while the victims were sleeping. Investigators suspect that a police' errand boy and a former member of the Philippine Constabulary were behind this shooting.

I hope no more bloody crimes occur. Officials must keep eye on this kind of matters. They should provide more security to people. This is very alarming...and scary.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

My CP is currently confined in ICU.

No. My phone's health isn't in critical condition. It's just staying at the ICU. It wasn't my first time nor my second. It was the third time I left my cellphone at the ICU. I was on a hurry going home last night; that's why.

During my duty hours, it's my ritual to put my phone on my desk/table to see if there's any text messages or incoming calls. I am not used to of putting it inside my pocket. I am also afraid that it might cause dysfunctions on some ICU machines and equipments. So, I never went near to any machine with my cellphone. I'm just being careful.

It's funny that after the endorsement, I said to the next NOD(nurse on duty), "Just text or call me if you have any question regarding my endorsement, ok?" Not knowing I'll be leaving without my phone.

It was on my way home, on a jeepney that I noticed. When my friend asked me if she could use my phone, I looked for it inside my bag. Of course, I didn't find it. Then, I realized that I left it.

Sigh. I wonder how many text messages have I received or how many calls have I missed.

CP, I C U soon...

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Saturday, May 17, 2008


It was raining hard when I went to work. Since my uniform, scrub suit, is all white, I decided not to wear them first. I went to the hospital wearing just a shirt, short pants and slippers because I don’t want my uniform to get wet and have stains all over.

While riding on a tricycle, I accidentally dropped my wallet. I am so lucky I’d noticed it. I asked the driver to turn over so I could pick it up. Of course, it got wet…including the peso bills. I have no coins; shamefully, I have to pay the driver with my wet money. >,<

That afternoon, I heard the news that there was a robbery that took over on a bank near our town. All 9 employees were killed. It was almost noon time when the crime was recognized. It was only when someone strangely noticed why the bank is still close and crashed the door and found out. The bank lost millions; while their customers' accounts were transferred to a near branch.

Meanwhile, a patient's watcher approached me at the nurse station. She's an old lady and the patient is her husband. She gave me a jar of peanuts. I refused to take it but she insisted. I shared it to my co-nurses. We ate it. Few minutes later, there she goes again. This time, she gave us a big plastic bag of fruits. There were 2 stalks of grapes, 5 apples and 3 pears. The patient was about to be discharge. Maybe that's why she's giving us all their food. Minutes later, she came again. She brought us three Jobee Burger with TLC and a liter of apple juice. It was our lucky day. We needed not to buy meals anymore...all free.

Going home, I was with my OR nurse friend on a jeepney. I noticed his new phone. It's an iPhone. I curiously asked him how much he bought it. He said a surgeon sold it to him for only Php10,000. Wow! That's more than 50% discount. Although it's slightly used, the price is not bad for an 8Gb US model iPhone. And the phone is still in good-looking new.
I wish to have one. Sigh.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008


It's my day off. Many barangays/barios are celebrating their fiestas, birthday of their Patrons, today. I was invited by my workmates to come by their houses, eat foods, and drink. But I was avoiding this kind of gatherings for I know that there'll be inuman, alcoholic drinks. Contraindicated.

Anyway, I already said “yes” for this date to someone before their invites. I already promised Kate to go with her on Icey's crib. They're celebrating fiesta too; and I was invited. The plan was to go there before lunch. But Kate, just took her breakfast by 12 noon; and so, we went there after lunch. She waited for me at the meeting place, BK.

I think it's almost 2pm when we got to Icey's place. We grab some plates. Early bird catches the early worm. Thus, there were only few foods left for us 'cause we're late. There were old time favorite foods for fiesta like hamonado, kaldereta, lumpiang shanghai, phochero...and the popular lechong ulo ng baboy na may mansanas sa bibig, which looks so scary and we didn't pay much attention with.

It's a common senario in a fiesta that you eat on a chair with just your plate, without any table at all. It's like eating with your prominent hand holding a spoon and your other hand holding/supporting your plate. So, it is not advisable for you to get a fork for it will be useless. Trust me. Why?


I was chewing delightfully my food before I swallow it. Making me taste all the sweet juices of the meat. Hmmm...Yummy. And when I was in the climax of my course, when I was about to take another bite, I accidentally knocked my fork. And oh no! My food dropped to my lap. Worse, I don't have napkin on my lap. It's a good thing there were just tiny dish sauce marks on my shirt and that my pants were black. Yes! The stains are hardly visible to naked eye. I felt so embarrassed. Many had seen. Thanks to my seat mate, he gave some tissue papers to clean up my mess.

Back To The Show:

Again, there were endless chit-chats with friends. There was a KTV to keep those bored people entertained.

About 4pm, there was again another serving of foods. Spaghetti, colorful putos, and iced tea. Ok. Spaghetti looks scary. So, this time I carefully managed to eat 'em all without any tiny drop on my lap. Yes. But then, no more iced tea left for me. Kate gave me her ¼ filled glass of tea. After I drunk it, here comes another pitcher of iced tea. It was so annoying.

I grabbed the microphone. I sang twice. First was the song Your Love by Rivermaya. It was just a warm up. Then, I sang You're My You by Nyoy Volante. I think it was good enough. I earned lots of claps/applause.

Next Stop Over:

We went to Celine's crib. There, we met Abie who just got from school for her summer class.

Same thing happened. We ate. But this time it's dessert. Another popular handa was served; buko-fruit-salad. Then, we chewed some fats again (means chat). This time, instead of a KTV, we watch a movie. Although I'd already seen John Tucker Must Die movie, I was still amused. Then I thought, I missed that view...watching movies with Kate.

When we were about to go home, we heard fireworks. So, we looked up at the sky. Wow! There are awesome fireworks display. And so, we keep our attention to it for a period of time. We forgot the idea of going home and stayed for a while.

Before We Separate:

Since this afternoon, Kate and I were craving for ice cream. And so, I didn't let us get away without any before we separate. We stopped by 711, a convenient store where we usually go. Our first delight was double dutch. Hmmm...Yummy! We're not satisfied by just one, so, we got another one. This time it's cheese flavored. I really love eating ice cream especially when you are with someone.


Kate went home with rocky road flavored ice cream.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Somebody's Me


Do you remember me?

Like I remember you?

Do you spend your life going back in your mind to that time?

'Cause I...

I walk the streets alone.

I hate being on my own.

And everyone can see that I really fell.

And I'm going through hell...thinking about you with somebody else.

Somebody wants you.

Somebody needs you.

Somebody dreams about you every single night.

Somebody can't breathe. Without you it's lonely.

Somebody hopes that one day you will see.

That somebody's me.

That somebody's me.


How did we go wrong?

It was so good and now it's gone.

And I pray at night that our paths soon will cross.

What we had isn't lost.

'Cause you're always right here in my thoughts.

Somebody wants you.

Somebody needs you.

somebody dreams about you every single night.

Somebody can't breathe.

Without you it's lonely.

Somebody hopes that some day you will see.

That somebody's me.

You will always be in my life.

Even if I'm not in your life.

'Cause you're in my memory.


When you remember me,

And before you set me free,

Oh listen please...

Somebody wants you.

Somebody needs you.

Somebody dreams about you every single night.

Somebody can't breathe.

Without you it's lonely.

Somebody hopes that some day you will see.

That somebody's me.

That somebody's me.

That somebody's me.

That somebody's me.

Somebody's Me by Enrique Iglesias

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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Commercial Me

I like sports.

I live and die for basketball, swimming, and table tennis.

Ultimate sporting goods line/brand is Nike.

My mother takes care of the wardrobe but I like clothes and fashion stuff.

I pick for comfort.

I do shopping when somebody nags me to go with her.

I am stereotypically closest to a preppy.

Foreign clothing brand of choice is Levi's.

Local clothing brand of choice is Tatak-buhin.

Do I drink? I am allergic. I'm a social drinker. Yeah right.

If you fix me a drink, let me have choco frappé.

My regular haunt in general are coffee shops.

Oh please. I am so into cars. I would like to know about them.

I do own a car. It's a Kadilakad.

2008 Mercedes Benz SLK-Class. Woh! My dream wheels.

I may sound crazy, but so did Henry Ford, I want to invent my own car.

It's too obvious that I am a Netizen.

I never buy CDs. Thanks to Limewire.

The last movie I've seen in theatre was Jumper.

The last movie I've seen at home with my legs up on a table was The Number 23.

I take a bath 1.5 times a day.

I only use 3-4 Q-tips a week.

2-50 pesos leave my wallet on a daily basis.

The first word that enters my mind NOW is...Sleep!

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Overnight Swimming Again

I'd been in many swimming outings for this summer. I think this is my 4th one. This time, I had been with my colleagues. It was the summer outing of the Nursing Service of CDH, where I currently working as an ICU nurse (and sometimes, ER nurse when pulled out).

After 2pm to 10pm duty, we went on the venue. It was on a private resort in Pansol which is owned by one of CDH doctor. And so, we needed not to rent or pay, for it was free for us to use.

When we got to the place, we hurriedly grab plates...or container's and boiler's cover, rather, for there were no paper plates left for us. I used the boiler's cover as plate and ate with my bear hands, for there were no spoon and fork left too. We understand; we were late comers.

Of course, there were alcoholic beverages. Inuman. (FYI, I am allergic to Alcohol.)

What I did:

First, I played billiards. I think we had about 7 sets. Then, I took the shower and jumped to the pool. I spent most of my time talking, laughing, playing, gliding, floating, and breast stroking in the pool. And on the latter part, my friends requested me to sing (KTV). And so, they (means, excluding me) dance with the groovy songs of KTV till the break of dawn. Well, I thought they'll never gonna stop dancing...until the power shut down. Brown out.

Though it was a very tiring night, I still managed to go to work the next day.


Happy Mother's Day to You (if you're a mom) and to Your Mom!

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Friday, May 09, 2008

The Opinionated Me

The government now is same shenanigan, different day.

Local films are mostly unreal garbage.

Salary or Job Satisfaction? Money can't buy me love.

The lady with BIG two front teeth and a BIG mole on her cheek is the most obnoxious of notorious. (Clue: Local Channel)

The lady with BIG two front teeth and a BIG mole on her cheek again is th most ridiculous of the notorious.

How far can I go in life with a college degree? All the way.

Britney Spears is good music, but bad imaging.

Michael Jackson is black and white.

Environment-- We are just a part of it, we have to coexist.

Keanu Reeves was cooler when he was ½ of Bill and Ted.

All religions are acceptable. Just one body, with different parts. Different parts in just one body.

Music is the universal language.

Art is knowledge. Fashion is expression.

Writing...It's for everyone.

Life is life.

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Open Book Me

I was 5 month old, (still) inside my mother's womb, during the EDSA 1.

I spent larger part of my past years by studying.

The best thing I did these past years was passing the board exam for nurses.

I will spend the next years by doing a cool job.

I think the BIG idea for this year is “Flying Cars” (I think it's about time. Right?)

The most important thing I had done before summer was planning for outings.

The thing I do best is cooking. But I am not thinking of pursuing a career in this because I just don't want to.

Do I find myself attractive? I have bad hair days.

Do people other than my immediate family find me attractive? Nope. I don't know. I don't care.

How many girlfriends have I had? Next question please.

I love alternative rock music. Which song? Too many to enumerate.

The oldest foreign TV show I remember watching is Sesame Street.

The oldest local TV show I remember watching is “Ang Manok Ni San Pedro”.

Music channel: MXY

I do believe a local band explosion took place in 1994.

I am a sucker for conspiracy theories.

Traffic, corrupt police officers and girls na feeling piss me off.

A sign that world peace is still possible, my salary and comedy love story movies put a smile on my face.

About 75% of me had revealed me by these statements.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Puffed Up Night

Time is 4:13 in the morning. Before I go to sleep today, I posted this entry.

I just got home from an overnight swimming. After my 2pm-10pm duty, I went on a swim with Kate. Our very first overnight swimming together. It's not just her that I'd been with. Aside from her mom and sis, I also had the chance to be with their family friends--Tita Elvie, KM, and Kate (Kate with a "Poe"in the end...Kate Poe.) I really enjoyed the night with them. Playing with KM and Kate Poe on the pool was full of fun.:D (Oh, and with Kate's sister, too--Cindy.) It made me feel like I am a child a again.:D

I am just happy that we had this bonding moments again and got a chance to meet new incredible friends. I hope to see them soon. I am sure I'll gonna miss them.

Ok. I have to sleep now, Amigos! Adios.;)

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

What Not To Write

I woke up early this morning, ate my breakfast, and went on my desktop.

Yeah, I know. It's another dreary entry again. My blog is probably so boring as compared to yours. I am more-like, "Oh, I made pancakes today!" I wish I could write something interesting...something entertaining.

I had a good-looking weekends, but nothing awesome happened. Like...

Last Friday, I ate Ensalada Azteca. Wow! It was really good. (So what?)

Last Saturday, I went to Calamba Market and brought a dozen of eggs. (Who cares?)

Last Sunday, I did errands. (Bring a book!)

Oh, I forgot: I learned that Nike manufactured its first sneakers in 1972. (Uhm, nobody finds this fascinating as I do.)

Enough. As I told you before, never push your fingers to type words if there's nothing to say. Or else, you'll end up with just a-- non-sense entry like this one... ta ta!

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