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Thursday, November 19, 2009


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

June 2008 Philippine Nursing Board Exam Result

June 2008 Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam Result

Congratulations to our new Nurses!

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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Last week, I was pulled-out to ward due to understaffing. The last time I have my duty to ward was long time ago. From only three patients in ICU, I was back to handling 10 patients. Honestly, I missed having my duty in the ward because there, I am free. I can go to any hospital departments and relate with my co-staff nurses unlike in ICU where I am always locked inside and alone.

During this duty, I had an admission. It was a hypertensive patient with a difficult and demanding watcher/relative. (Nurses, it’s a toxic wife.) The patient’s wife keeps on asking me to come over with lots of questions and requests. I accentuate to her that they are confined in the ward and that I can’t give much attention to her patient. I make cleared that I have plenty of patients and that I have to prioritize them. And still, I told them I will do my best to attend their needs.

On that evening duty, this wife keeps on asking me to bed bath her “ambulatory” husband. I told them I can assist them after I am done with my routines. Watchers here in Philippines usually do the bed bath for their patients and nurses assist them. But this wife, she wanted only me to do it all. And so when his husband purged, she called me and told me to clean him. Though there were caregivers, I did all the cleaning. Good thing the patient is cooperative unlike her wife. I told him to clean his ass while I was assisting him with the soap, water and things. Even though I was wearing a thick mask, his sh*t was very smelly.

And just yesterday, I was pulled out again. And guess what, I handled this patient again. Good thing they are already for discharge. They are not as demanding as before. Yes, Lucky me!

After I gave them the home medication instructions, they thanked me for the service I rendered. They apologized for being too demanding and gave me an endowment. It was a pack of 16 treat size Cadbury Chocolate TimeOut. I refused to receive it but since they insisted, I accepted it. Haha! Happy.

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